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Life Without Wheat


Foods to Avoid:
Bread/Crackers – all breads containing wheat, including pumpernickel, rye, oatmeal, and corn.  Baking powder biscuits, crackers, gluten bread, pancakes, dessert breads and muffins, matzoth, pretzels, rusk, waffles, and zwieback.


Cereals – all cereals dry or cooked that contain wheat, whole wheat, farina, or bran*.


Desserts – cakes, cookies*, donuts, pies, chocolate bars, custards and puddings, ice cream, ice cream cones, and pastries.


Flour – all purpose, graham, white, whole wheat, gluten flour, (some buckwheat, corn, lima bean, rice, soy and rye flour contain wheat as well – check the label)


Gravies and Sauces – thickened with flour


Meats – canned meat dishes such as stews, chili, hot dogs, luncheon meats, or sausage in which wheat has been added as a filler, meat dishes prepared with bread, cracker crumbs, or flour, such as meat loaf, or breaded chicken, stuffing, etc. 


Pasta – macaroni, noodles, spaghetti, vermicelli, etc.

Salad dressings – thickened with flour


Soups – bouillon cubes and canned soups*


Beverages – beer, eggnog, coffee substitutes, gin, malted milk, whiskey, Postum, and Ovaltine.

Key words to look for on labels – wheat, flour, wheat germ, bran, graham flour, farina, semolina, food starch, wheat starch, gluten, modified food starch, vegetable starch, vegetable gum, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and MSG


Foods To Include:
Flours and Grains – oats, spelt, rye, buckwheat, kamut, quinoa, millet, amaranth, teff, rice flour, soy flour, tapioca flour, bean flour, and potato flour.


• Look for wheat free breads at specialty bakeries, or place special orders
• Dimplemyer Rye, available at many large grocery store chains (freezer section)
• Many other varieties also available at natural food stores


• Kamut, corn, or spelt pasta
• Asian rice noodles, available at grocery stores
• SOBA  noodles ( buckwheat)


• Rice crackers*
• Rice cakes*
• Ryvita light rye crackers (all available at grocery stores)
• Corn tortillas/Corn chips – in moderation


• Many wheat free cereals are available in natural food stores and in the natural foods section of your grocery store
• Organic oatmeal is usually wheat free…non organic does contain wheat ( cross contamination at refinery)


• Lifestream buckwheat Waffles
• Lifestream Mesa Sunrise Waffles
• Van Gluten Free Waffles (all available at natural food stores and in the natural foods section of your grocery store)

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